2015 Overview of the Alex Rovello Memorial Fund

The year 2015 brought new events, projects, visitors and generous donations to the Alex Rovello Memorial Courts at Berkeley Park. The continuous use of the two courts gives us much pleasure in knowing that this renovation was something that would benefit our community. Our goal is to maintain these beautiful courts now and into the future.

With great sadness we remember the loss of Jerome Kersey in February. Jerome’s legacy is not only the accomplishments he had as a championship athlete but also his character, genuine thoughtfulness and compassion. Jerome joined us for the dedication of the Alex Rovello Memorial Courts in July 2014 as an ambassador for the Trail Blazers.

Jerome and his family took the time to learn about our son, the project, and the community involvement that made this memorial a reality. He joined Tony Dungy, Derin Hibbs and Michael Thoeresz for doubles to christen the courts. We are forever grateful to have had him join us. Our hearts go out to his family and friends.


Alex Rovello Memorial Tennis Courts


The Alex Rovello Memorial Fund was founded in 2013 with the hope of establishing a fitting tribute to Alex Rovello, a talented Portland tennis player who was attending the University of Oregon until he suffered a tragic accident in May 2013.

We initially began this project to refurbish the tennis courts at Berkeley Park, but we have expanded out plans.  Alex began playing on these courts when he was two years old and continued to practice there with his Cleveland High School tennis team.  Our fund works to provide other children and families with similar opportunities to play and grow together in their own neighborhood

The newly renovated Alex Rovello Memorial Tennis Courts at Berkeley Park were officially opened July 27, 2014.  Almost 1,400 individuals and families contributed to make these renovations possible at Berkeley Park.

We are grateful to the many families and individuals who have helped us memorialize Alex.


Donations are still being accepted for maintenance of the courts, future upgrades to the park, and programming. Upcoming events will be posted on this website.

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