Yearly Overview: 2018

We are pleased to share 2018’s activities for the Alex Rovello Memorial Foundation. We had so much to celebrate in 2018!

  • Our commitment to maintaining first rate courts makes them the pride of the tennis-playing community
  • We added many new friends and supporters at a benefit concert by Acoustic Alchemy where audience members also received a stunning tennis shirt designed & donated by Nike
  • Through our partnerships and outreach, we are attracting players from the larger community and providing new opportunities for engagement.

The Berkeley courts were busy all year drawing our community players as well as folks from all over the city. Summer youth tennis programs were held at the courts with Portland  Parks & Recreation coaches and we wrapped our program season by celebrating our youth players with an end-of-summer jamboree.

Acoustic Alchemy - Photo of the BandA serendipitous schedule and our personal love of their music brought the band Acoustic Alchemy to Portland at the Aladdin Theater for a benefit concert this summer. The terrific musical evening introduced the Alex Rovello Memorial Foundation to many new friends and potential tennis players at Berkeley. We had an added and very special gift from Nike who designed and donated event T-Shirts to all attending.

Court maintenance is a year-round endeavor. We began in spring with power washing the courts and cleaning the drains, crucial to retaining a quality surface. We continued to improve the landscaping with planting, watering and mulching of the flowerbeds and shrubs, enhancing the setting for visitors to the court and park. This summer we also added a picnic table next to the shed at the north side of the courts. Fall saw the pruning of the pine oaks overhanging the courts, ensuring a safe playing environment.

We continue to grow and benefit from our partnerships with groups in the city, most importantly Portland Parks & Recreation. We value the consultative relationship we have developed and their maintenance support including trimming of the arborvitaes next to the court and installing the concrete pad for the new picnic table.Picnic_Table

Looking toward 2019, our plan is to expand program activities on the courts, including clinics and day events for all ages. We will continue to leverage opportunities in the community through working partnerships. Maintaining the courts and the surrounding area remains a continuing priority. To that end, we hope to add an irrigation system closer to the flowerbeds.

Your end of year tax-deductible donation to the Alex Rovello Memorial Foundation will help us to fulfill our mission as we continue to grow this legacy to Alex and his love of tennis. Thank you for your generous support over the last five years; we certainly would not be here without you.

With sincere gratitude,

Jim and Geri Rovello

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