Yearly Overview: 2020

Many things have changed in this unprecedented year of 2020, but what hasn’t is the importance of community. This has inspired the mural to recognize those who make the Alex Rovello Memorial Courts possible.  

Tennis has helped to alleviate some of the stress of Covid-19. March 23rd we were instructed by Portland Parks & Rec to lock the tennis courts. Within a short time, we had to take the nets down because people were climbing the fence to play. As we were having the courts power-washed an email arrived that the courts would reopen on May 26th

The nets went up, and since then the courts have been filled with players of all ages. The benches and picnic table have provided resting places for many to social distance while watching tennis. Together we are looking forward to brighter, more stable days ahead in 2021. 

New challenges require new mindsets and forward-thinking as we provide activities for the community. Summer outdoor activities will be scheduled first as we become able to have large group gatherings. With the generous grant from the Kinsman Foundation, we hope to rebook Acoustic Alchemy for a benefit concert, once large group restrictions are lifted.

Junior tennis, high school camps, children’s day, a men’s open invitational, and a movie night were all in the plans for this past year and hopefully will be allowed in the upcoming new year. 

In order for us to honor our mission to care for and preserve the courts and surrounding area, maintenance is a critical and ongoing cost. We have scheduled structural repair in the spring of the hitting backboard which had been donated by Project Tennis Backboard headed by the Hawaiian Tennis Council in 2014. 

The many hours spent cleaning the courts, yearly power-washing and weekly landscaping service have extended the expected seven-year wear period before resurfacing is needed. We greatly appreciate those who donated toward this future expense.

To keep our circle of support expanding we would appreciate your help in asking friends who may be playing at the courts, or are interested in being part of this community effort, to send us an email ( so we can connect.

Your support has enabled us to continue our mission as we grow this legacy to Alex and his love of tennis. Thank you for being part of our community and supporting us during this year of challenges.

Projects Completed This year:
• Added the mural and painted the East wall
• Replaced the American and Oregon Flags
• Added new plantings and mulch in the flower gardens
• Installed edging around the curbside crepe myrtle trees
• Painted the electrical box

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