Yearly Overview: 2019

2019 marked the five-year anniversary of the dedication of the Alex Rovello Memorial Courts at Berkeley Park. When we dreamed of celebrating the life of our son, Alex, we had no idea how wide and rich the circle of support would grow to enable our vision.

IMG_4239_REDUCEDSupport has come from many directions: friends and neighbors, community members, local groups and Portland Parks & Recreation. They have all joined with us to make the courts a neighborhood jewel. Since that initial construction, we continue to groom and improve the area around the courts along with hosting activities.


• Pin Oaks trimmed
• Courts power washed
• Picnic table
• Shed
• Lighting on signage
• Flagpole
• Outside wall painted
• Arborvitaes trimmed
• Crepe myrtle trees planted
• On-court trash receptacle
• On-court light bulbs replaced
• 80 ft. flower bed
• Safety railing
• Brick along sidewalk
• Summer Tennis Camps with PP&Rec
• Children’s Day with PP&Rec
• Children’s Day with U of O Men’s Tennis Team
• High School Doubles Invitational
• Adult Doubles Invitationals
• Acoustic Alchemy Benefit Concert

Needless to say, continual court and area maintenance is a critical ongoing cost. It is anticipated that the courts will need to be resurfaced in three to five years at a cost of $20,000. The many hours we spend cleaning the courts, yearly power-washing and a weekly landscaping service have extended the expected seven-year wear period.

On June 5th we began a new tradition at the courts, the Alex Rovello Memorial Award for Cleveland High School’s Most Outstanding Boy’s Tennis Player. The award was initiated by Cleveland High School’s boy’s tennis coach, Art Shapiro. Winning players from 2014 through 2019 were recognized in an on-court ceremony. It is worth noting that Alex had coached some of these players when he worked at the junior tennis programs at Reed College.

62234658_1152351018281720_3238701457704222720_o2014 Sebastian Dibblee
2015 Jamil Ditter
2016 Zach Smith
2017 Ismayn Ditter
2018 Riyaz Ditter
2019 Owen Thomas

To keep our circle of support expanding we are launching a new initiative, Alex Rovello Memorial Foundation Volunteers. A number of activities proposed for 2020, clinics and day events for all ages, would be enriched with hands-on support. If you would like to be part of these activities, please complete the volunteer section of the tear-off below.

Your end-of-year tax-deductible donation to the Alex Rovello Memorial Foundation will help support our mission as we continue to grow this legacy to Alex and his love of tennis. Thank you for your generous support. We certainly would not be here without you.


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