Yearly Overview: 2022

2022 was another year of weather highs and lows, but thankfully we made it through without major problems. In March, Oregon Tree Care pruned the pin oaks on Cesar E Chavez, cleaning up branches from the previous year’s ice storm. The new flower beds and landscaping that went in last summer came through a mild winter with a show of bright new leaves and buds.

With the addition of so many new shrubs and flowers, the decision was made to install in-ground irrigation this spring in three of the flower beds. Even with record breaking heat waves this summer the plants, flowers and trees all thrived with a season long show of color. Beautiful! 

On Monday, May 16th the Alex Rovello Memorial Award, Cleveland High School, Most Outstanding Tennis Player was awarded by head coach, Brian Allmer and assistant coach Art Shapiro to senior Henry Stroud. Congratulations to Henry!

Early August saw another major project at Berkeley Park.  Eight years after their dedication, the Alex Rovello Memorial Courts were resurfaced in a multi-step process that took several days to complete. The final results were fabulous with a new surface and nets. We’re proud to say the courts really are among the best in the city!

We would like to acknowledge the support and generosity of the Kinsman Foundation. They have been a constant supporter since the earliest planning stages of the courts. Its many donations have played a significant role in realizing the mission of the foundation.

As always, we are beyond grateful for all of the generous donations that have made all this work possible.  Thanks to the sustained giving of the community and the tireless work of so many, we have been able to maintain the quality and beauty of the park and courts for all. Our heartfelt thanks.

With sincere gratitude and best wishes for a happy, healthy 2023.
Jim and Geri Rovello

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